Furniture Designer in Delhi

At OFIA (Office for International Architecture), furniture designing is given a new meaning where conviction is shaped to reality by creating elegant and time-defying masterpieces which are the expressions of our Clients’ individuality and the soul of the place; be it for commercial or residential spaces. The furniture commissions designed at OFIA are dedicated to augment the eloquence of our customer’s lives by consistently exploring, innovating and offering exquisite hand-crafted and affordable pieces of art.

OFIA is amongst the finest furniture designer in Delhi along with their architecture services and is obstinately passionate about discovering the ever-new and eloquent forms of design coupled with the emerging technological concepts in furniture-making. The endurance and indomitable aesthetic of the furniture commission are deeply entrenched in the needs of the customer which are essentially societal, physical, technological or even psychological in nature. These aspects then become the milestones for designing sustainable furniture commissions with graceful craftsmanship and newer possibilities of usability.


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