Architect in Delhi


Office for International Architecture’s (OFIA) Principal Architect, Mr. Sanjiv Malhan has successfully designed and executed several projects as the most renowned architect in Delhi. Carving a niche in the high-end design market managing a diverse portfolio, OFIA strives to meet great heights of excellence and is an internationally acclaimed firm. Architecture at OFIA is considered inspirational, deterministic and future-shaping with high elements of sustainability and eloquence in all of its designs.

The seasoned professionals at OFIA invent places and spaces with tailor-made approaches to their customers’ requirements. The designs are explorative and unique in nature enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the spaces. Despite being a renowned architect in Delhi, the project commissions undertaken are diverse in their expanse and nature offering an experimental attitude towards the projects. The creative craftsmanship of the team at OFIA is timeless and progressive with an extraordinary attention to detail dedicated to the innovative designs and deepest level of commitment.


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