“An acrylic, glass and chrome, spiral staircase serve as the central core and enables a seamless transition between spaces, moods and functions. It also provides the dramatic backdrop of a spectacularly lit wall placed behind it. “

Architectural Statement:

OFIA are masters at creating meaningful urban spaces that tell a story. The design concept for Three Stories, New Delhi, flows out of a forest trail that beckons travelers away from the wearying city,deep into a hidden clearing where they are entertained, looked after and regaled with food, drink and music.

This forms the core of the architectural concept around which Three Stories restaurant, bar and lounge is built. Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA has used the trinity, a classic mystical concept, to great effect. Three different modes are created through clever use of light, texture and colour and this enables the weaving together of three different spatial narratives.

The different times of day as reflected in a forest clearing: Late night as symbolized by the dark depths where the underground bar and discotheque create a jungle rhythm; this flow into the golden-hued fine dine that echoes the mellow afternoon sun and the warmth and hospitality of a fireplace; and high above on the uppermost level waits the all-white Sheesha lounge that echoes the climb towards the light and the early morning.

‘Three Stories’ were thus spun into being, to co-exist and flow seamlessly into one another. Pulsating chrome and shades of grey define the dark depths while a mellow gold gives an assured air of warmth and well being to the fine dining area and the Sheesha lounge, positioned at the apex, transcends into a trendy white.

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