Solarus Waterfront Township

“Sanjiv Malhan has managed to marshall the power of this spectacular location to create eighty-four units, each of which enjoys unbroken views of the ocean and the marina. Widely regarded as one of the best projects in Townsville and regional Queensland, this beautiful high-rise property has been included in Skyscraper City, along with some of the best architectural projects across the world. ”

Architectural Statement:

Waterfront living is at its best in the breathtaking Solarus complex, situated right on the river close to Townsville’s city centre. Taking the architectural challenge even further with his ambitious design for Solarus, a waterfront township in Townsville, Queensland, Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA does a spectacular job for PCA architects.

The project features 73 luxury apartments over twelve storeys, situated on the river, close to Townsville’s city centre, and offering spectacular views out towards the ocean. Making a dramatic statement when viewed from the North West, the stepped form is visually stunning. These beautifully appointed spaces offer commanding views right across Townsville’s inner city suburbs, over to the city centre, Castle Hill and offer untrammelled views of Ross River, Marina, and gleaming ocean views across Cleveland Bay. Interior designs are spatially efficient and combined with a high degree of functional clarity elevate Solarus to unrivalled levels of sophistication.

The environmental standards in this township are very high and each apartment features water and energy efficient appliances. Roof overhangs, pergolas and other distinctive shading devices offer a means of passive temperature control. Each apartment is designed for optimal cross ventilation making for high levels of comfort and sustainability. Multiple lift cores provide increased levels of luxury and stringent security.

Only two apartments can be accessed from the lift on any residential level. Brightly vivid white exterior walls complement the aqua and silver balustrades to express a distinctive and sophisticated North Queensland sensibility. The apartments are strategically close to the pulsating restaurants of Palmer Street, Jupiter’s Casino, Magnetic Island and the Strand as well as the marina berths on Ross Creek.

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