The Restaurant Business of Senses


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Chef Gautam Chaudhary, Executive Chef, Pink Poppadom, Hyatt, Bangalore, says “Food is an art and to praise any art you need to have your five senses open. Starting from the skin to touch and feel, eyes to see how it is presented, tongue to taste and nose for relishing the delicious smell coming from the food.”

Taste:  Taste is the most obvious sense in any restaurant business anywhere in the world. No one will eat at your restaurant if the taste of food is not good.

Payal Saha, Owner, The Kati Roll Company (TKRC) says “The restaurant business is such that the first thing you notice when you walk into a TKRC location is the visual stimulation of the open kitchen and the Bollywood-influenced peeling posters on the weathered walls, both reminiscent of Indian ‘dhabas’. Next, you are greeted with the succulent scent of foods on the grill and warmth of buttery parathas. The sound of urban-Indian music floats through the air. When you receive your order, you sit down at the wooden tables and unwrap your roll, with your mouth watering at the anticipation of all the tangy spices. As you take the first bite and close your eyes, you’re transported back to the street carts of Calcutta… it’s a very sensory experience all around. We’ve made a concerted effort to give our customers a 360˚ experience.

Presentation:  Presentation is the other sense which you need to inculcate in your restaurant business.

Chef Mayank Tiwari, Chef de Cuisine, Olive Bar & Kitchen, says “Presentation is important in a restaurant business, as everyone says, you first eat from your eyes.”

Music: In a restaurant business, music gives a soothing sense to your customer’s ear.

Chef James Biaka, Ex. Chef, Kofuku adds “We give a Japanese touch, like we have ‘tatami’ (low floor sitting). In our restaurant business, we also use Japanese music to give them a feel of being in Japan. We use this style in Kofuku.”

Colors: Colors in the restaurant business are meant to evoke certain feelings, and have even been known to encourage guests’ appetites. Colors can do a lot to affect the overall atmosphere. Sanjeev Malhan, Principal Designer, Office for International Architecture, says “Colour is a successful part in the world of designing in restaurant business. A good colour tone will make your customer remember your restaurant and will promote appetites.”

Aroamtic scents:  A restaurant business has a very specific intent when it comes to creating an atmosphere with smells.

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