Recycle for a brand new look

Follow your instincts and add more beauty and comfort to one’s interior decor with recycled stuff

What is the need to buy a new item while decorating your house when you can use a recycled item? Recycled items not only look antique, but are also pocket-friendly . A key focus of recycled interiors is decorating with sustainability , without compromising on style. You can decorate your home with a sustainable, eco-friendly approach, while filling it with your personal style, beauty and quality . A beautiful home should embrace those who live in it and increase happiness, health and well-being.If you don’t want to decorate your house on your own, you can hire interior designers or architects who could help you in giving your house the look that you want. “The idea behind using recycled products is reusing and rearranging what one already has. This not only reduces one’s carbon footprint, but also aesthetically creates a naturally vintage, arty or a chic feel, which would be challenging to generate otherwise,“ says Dhruva Kalra, an architect.

This is one trend which is very much in vogue these days and opted by many . “In a house, furniture created by recycled materials is a growing trend. Use of natural interior designing materials, recycled metals, ecofriendly wood and handmade decorative pieces are all in vogue. As per current design trends, antique and vintage décor is in de mand; hence, furniture and decorative items made of timber can be repurposed, refinished or otherwise refurbished to give them a new life,“ shares Sanjiv Malhan, another architect.

The most popular would be refurbished wood, but then there are more unconventional materials and objects that are used for example, old bulbs or wooden crates being converted into planters or even tyres of old cars converted into chairs. Another material that is now becoming popular is chipboard. A panel made of recycled wood that can be used for wall covering combined with other plush materials to give the space a feeling of richness.

One needs that perfect idea to create a wonderful masterpiece from something old. But, this involves a lot of ideation. And, there are numerous challenges that are to be faced while getting that masterpiece ready. Explaining some challenges, Kalra says, “De spite the value in recycling, the process is not complete without challenges. It can be quite time and labour-intensive. In terms of designing something absolutely fresh from waste, one has to first segregate what can be used from all that is collected while minimising wastage. I feel there is a lot that one can do with things that get disposed into landfills. Apart from the technical aspects, care must be taken that the material or the object that has been chosen to be recycled must not create a feeling of clutter or untidiness. It must sit well in the environment and not stand out like an eye sore.“

One thing which every designer, architect or interior decorator takes care of while designing a house with recycled stuff is that the ideating they do includes resource efficient products for minimum wastage of materials.They also use standard sizes and modules to reduce wastage of materials.

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