Dish of the day: A design that feed


publication date Dec 4, 2014

publication description Restaurant India

publication descriptionDish Of The Day: A Design That Feed

The Design Elements And Concepts Adapted Are The Central Contributors To Entice Guests And Retain Their Presence In Years To Come.

What makes up a great restaurant? In short; a great design, great service and great food equate in shaping a great restaurant.

“Ideas are refined and multiplied in the commerce of minds. In their splendor, images affect a very simple communion of souls.” – Gaston Bachelard

One such avenue of experiencing the ‘images affecting communion of souls’ is the bar and restaurants of the recent times. Bar, lounges and restaurants are changing and becoming more experimental than before.

Earlier, restaurants primary existence was to lay out a sumptuous meal, but with changing times, the diners now seek splendid dining experiences, which could be as varied as adventure, serenity, concept and theme along with a nourishing food palate.

Rightly said, first impression makes a lasting impact. And why not? Unmistakably, the potential diners and customers come in touch with the ambience of the restaurant first; then with the food.

We, at the Office for International Architecture (OFIA), believe that architecture can uplift spirits and transform an ordinary day into something extraordinary. Every project is an opportunity to create an engaging and interactive environment that would provide a holistic dining and entertaining experience.

A restaurant design is prominently noticeable for own individuality and thus, strikes a chord with their patrons instantly.

Ultimately, it is the palate of ambience and visual interior designs on which the restaurants serve food and fulfill the appetite of their customers. And the palate at OFIA comes with a platter of services on interior designing and styling which can be summed up aptly by what Gaston Bachelard quotes – “Man is a creation of desire, not a creation of need.”

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