A multi-storied luxury apartment in South Delhi

The multi-storied apartment we are going to explore today is situated in the heart of South Delhi and is a modern yet luxurious affair. The exterior is rendered in sleek lines while the interiors are spacious, stylishly lit and elegantly furnished. The colour palette is sober and soothing everywhere, though wooden elements lend contrast and class. Creative partitions and the use of innovative materials add to the attraction as well. The architects at Office for International Architecture have done an incredible task indeed.

Modern and lofty facade

green park luxury floors।residential architecture in delhi 1

White and cream make up the lofty exterior of this apartment, while clear glass balustrades for the large balconies make for an open and stylish look. The wooden detailing lends character, while the plentiful windows allow sunlight to flood the interiors generously.

Floor plan for each level

green park luxury floors।residential architecture in delhi 4

From this floor plan you can easily understand that every level features four large bedrooms, five well-fitted bathrooms, a spacious living and dining, a very modern and large kitchen and multiple balconies.

Elegant common area

green park luxury floors।residential architecture in delhi 2

We love how the fashionable living space merges with the dining area for an open look here. All the furniture pieces are neat and contemporary, while the false ceilings are brilliantly lit. The rug under the black coffee table and the vibrant painting on the wall add personality to the common area.

Stunning partitions

The common area has been kept slightly separate from the bedrooms with the help of beautiful glass and wood partitions. Strips of panels with inbuilt golden lighting add to the grand look here, besides illuminating the beige environment.

Lavish and classy bedroom

green park luxury floors।residential architecture in delhi 3

Cream and beige dominate this very modern and spacious bedroom for a relaxing and elegant vibe. The large bed has a luxurious headboard with mirrored panels surrounding a padded board. The lighting scheme is very unique and highlights the bed, the false ceiling as well as the gorgeous headboard. We also love the low-lying fancy armchair near the window.


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