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A beautiful luxury Villa designed by architect Sanjiv Malhan in Goa

Publication date : apri 14, 2018

Publication :

Description : Beautiful luxury Villa designed by architect Sanjiv Malhan in Goa

Simplicity and Elegance go hand in hand and if you pay attention to tiny details around your home, you can have a home that not only reflects your personality but will look stylish and chic too. The architect Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA (Office for International Architecture)New Delhi….Read More


 green park luxury floors।residential architecture in delhi 1Publication date: Feb 7 2018


Description: The multi-storied apartment

The multi-storied apartment we are going to explore today is situated in the heart of South Delhi and is a modern yet luxurious affair. The exterior is rendered in sleek lines while the interiors are spacious, stylishly lit and elegantly furnished. The colour palette is sober and soothing everywhere, though wooden elements lend contrast and class. Creative partitions and the use of innovative materials add to the attraction as well. The architects at Office for International Architecture have done an incredible task indeed…….Read More


Interior decor with recycle stuff,recycle for a brand new lookPublication date: Aug 14, 2017
Publication : Magic Bricks compublication

Publication date: May 28, 2016

Publication: The Times Of India

Publication date: Aug 14, 2016

Publication: The Times of India (Ahmadabad)

Description: Recycle for a brand new look

Editor | August 14, 2017 @ 10:45 AM Vaishali Tanwar, Times Property

Give a touch of newness to your home interiors by recycling or up cycling old pieces of furniture or artefacts. Old is gold. That’s the reason we generally hate to part with our old possessions. The fact that we can play around with old pieces of furniture and artefacts, lend a touch of our imagination to them and re-create them into all-new beauties, makes them even more priceless..……Read More

The Silk Route opens in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj

Publication date: Jan 9, 2017

Publication: Restaurant India publication

Description: The Silk Route Opens In Delhi’s Vasant Kunj

Inspired By The Chinese Gastronome

This Restaurant Has a Thoughtfully Designed A-La-Carte Menu Featuring An Extensive Variety Of Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Classics.The Silk Route, an authentic Chinese restaurant, will be opening its gates on 14th January 2017 in Vasant Kunj. Delhi for food connoisseurs to experience a wholesome culinary journey with authentic Chinese flavours…..Read More



Comfort, simplicity ruled design trend to hit restaurants in 2016

comfoort simplicity design,simple design of comfort

Publication date: Mar 3, 2016

Publication: Restaurant India publication

Description: Comfort, Simplicity Ruled Design Trend To Hit Restaurants In 2016.

Designers like ‘Sanjiv Malhan’ of OFIA consider the 2016 trends to be a blend of the old world and the contemporary. Use of antiques, colour bursts of gold, brown, blue, statement mirrors , luxurious textures of wood, veneer, leather, symmetry through use of geometric pattern are highlights of this year’s design trends.The emphasis on detailing will be contemporary-styled merged with structures of the bygone era…..Read More



How Traditional Design Is Being Replaced By Industrial Aesthetics In Restaurants

Publication date: Apr 27, 2015

Publication: Restaurant India

Description: How Traditional Design Is Being Replaced By Industrial Aesthetics In Restaurants

The Upscale Restaurant Designs Emphasise On Texture More Than Colour These Days In Interiors For Their Exposed Brick Walls “Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people” – Thomas J. Watson The restaurant design patterns are changing with time as contemporary urban designers realise this purpose of design more than ever and are innovating by the day to simulate the tastes and imagination of customers…..Read More



Decor to Enliven Eating Out

Chhattarpur Luxury Residential farmhouse designed by Architect Interior Designer Sanjiv Malhan OFIA Dera Mandi - dining rm

Publication date: Jan 31

Publication: Food & Beverage Business Review

Description: Decor to Enliven Eating Out

Designing Experiences

The intertior designing of the restaurant should elevate the restaurant’s guests’ mood, which in turn may influence their repeat visits to the restaurant concerned. According to Sanjiv Malhan, Principal Architect, Office For International Architecture, “A restaurant’s popularity is not only dependent on the food and beverages served, it also greatly depends on the ambiance and decor…. Read More



Dish of the day: A design that feed

Publication date: Dec 4, 2014

Publication: Restaurant India

Description: Dish Of The Day: A Design That Feed

The Design Elements And Concepts Adapted Are The Central Contributors To Entice Guests And Retain Their Presence In Years To Come.What makes up a great restaurant? In short; a great design, great service and great food equate in shaping a great restaurant.“Ideas are refined and multiplied in the commerce of minds. In their splendor, images affect a very simple communion of souls.”…..Read More



Involvement Of Senses In Your Restaurant

Publication date: Sep 17,2013

Publication: Franchise India

Description: Involvement of your Senses in your Restaurant

Food Is An Art And To Praise Any Art It Needs To Excite Your Five Senses. How Can Customer’s Senses Be Worked For Your Restaurant?Sanjeev (Sanjiv) Malhan, Principal Designer, Office for International Architecture says “Colour is a successful part in the world of designing. A good colour tone will make your customer remember your restaurant and will promote appetites…..Read More



Designers take on restaurant design

Publication date: Jun 15, 2013

Publication: Restaurant India

Description: Why Should You Look For A Designer For Your New Restaurant?

A restaurant’s popularity does not just depend on the food served; it is the ambience that makes people love your restaurant. Talking about the importance of design in a restaurant, Mr Sanjiv Malhan, Principal Designer, Office for International Architecture, says  “The consumers have become very trendy these days; they know the world and have become global……Read More


Since 1994 Architecture, Interior Design, Turnkey Construction, Residential Apartments, Houses and Home Theatre, Offices, Showrooms, Retail Outlets and Kiosks, Hookah, Sheesha Bar, Bar and Restaurants, Night Clubs and Disco, Spa and Massage Parlours, Medical & Laser Clinics  Has Fine Knowledge of Architecture & Design – Very Highly Experienced Firm & Skilled Architects Very nice work……Read More



Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan

malhan one sunlight colony corporate suites। commercial architecture in delhi by sanjiv malhan-1Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan is section of home ofia office for international architecture by sanjiv malhan Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan was created by created all of gallery on home ofia office for international architecture by sanjiv malhan, and follow the flow trends in the field of that make you more keen and give artistic touches. We’d be honored if you can apply some or all of these design. believe me, discerning ideas would be perfect if it can be applied in real and make the people around you amazed! Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan was posted in January 20, 2017 Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan has viewed by 1250 users. Read More


Best 5 Interior Designers in Delhi,Which Can Enhance the Beauty of any Interior

Interior designers develop a strategic plan layout or design to modify the beauty of the whole interior.  They utilize the interaction with the environment and creativity. Our country India is full of traditions, which is reflected even through our homes. Interior designers are the ones who are experts in traditional and contemporary styles of modifying interiors. They beautify the over overall beauty of every Project handed to them with their designs and creativity, including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, and Hospitality. Go through the profiles mentioned below and you will be able to find the best Interior designers in Delhi…Read More



Faarsi Restaurant

faarsi।mid eastern restaurant।restaurant interior designers in delhi by sanjiv mahan 5Mid Eastern Diner designed by Sanjiv Malhan

Read More






Food & Beverage business Review (December-January 2015)

Food & Beverage business Review (December-January 2015) by sanjiv malhan of OFIA-1According to sanjiv  Malhan, Principal Architect, Office For International Architecture,”A restaurant’s popularity is not only dependent on…….Read More







Home Theatre Interior Designer

the silk route created by Sanjiv Malhan by Architect and interior designer of OFIA. Office For International Architecture in haug khas village New Delhi IndiaArea: 2,000 square feet on 500 square yards property

Location: C block, South Extension (NDSE) Part 2, New Delhi, India

Designed and built by Architect Sanjiv Malhan, OFIA (Office For International Architecture)

Client: Mrs Vandana and Mr Ajay Srivastava Completed: 2013

“A luxurious man-den entertainment area with its complex gadgetry and masterly lighting that manages to create a different mood in each nook and corner and is a space where friends and visitors would never fail to be impressed yet feel at ease and welcome.”…….Read More


Residential Architecture-Architect in Delhi

OFIA is listed amongst the most renowned architects in Delhi and being in the top league we have been composing forms and spaces to achieve inspiring properties with design quality, imagination and originality.

We offer primarily architecture and interior design services to residential commercial, hospitality and public spaces in and around Delhi. The residential projects constructed by OFIA reflect an architectural design practice that combines research, finesse and timeless aesthetic relationships, encompassing the spirit of contemporary culture, ecology, and technology……Read More


The Restaurant Business of Senses

Chef Gautam Chaudhary, Executive Chef, Pink Poppadom, Hyatt, Bangalore, says “Food is an art and to praise any art you need to have your five senses open. Starting from the skin to touch and feel, eyes to see how it is presented, tongue to taste and nose for relishing the delicious smell coming from the food.”

Taste:  Taste is the most obvious sense in any restaurant business anywhere in the world. No one will eat at your restaurant if the taste of food is not good….Read More





A restaurant’s popularity does not just depend on the food served; it is the ambience that makes people love your restaurant. Talking about the importance of design in a restaurant, Mr. Sanjeev Malhan, Principal Designer, Office for International Architecture, says, “The consumers have become very trendy these days; they know the world and have become global. Nowadays designing is all about redefining the norms. If you want to get somebody inside the door, your design should be very attractive because the first impression, which is the designing part, is always visual.”…Read More