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Sanjiv Malhan on The Grand Stand Jury Panel of ACETECH 2017

Australia trained senior architect and principal at Office For International Architecture (OFIA),
Sanjiv Malhan assigned eminent jury member on The Grand Stand Awards at ET ACETECH
2017.Read more







Best Building Architects in New Delhi

Architecture, Interior Design, Turnkey Construction, Residential Apartments, Houses and Home Theatre, Offices, Showrooms, Retail Outlets and Kiosks, Hookah, Sheesha Bar, Bar and Restaurants, Night Clubs and Disco, Spa and Massage Parlours, Medical & Laser Clinics.Read more







Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan

Malhan One Sunlight Colony - Corporate Suites take away from restaurant interior design by Architect and interior designer Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA.Office For International ArchitectHome,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan is section of homeofiaoffice for international architectureby sanjiv malhan Home,OFIA/office for International Architecture/by Sanjiv Malhan was created by created all of gallery onhomeofiaoffice for international architectureby sanjiv malhan,Read more




Best 5 Interior Designers in Delhi,Which Can Enhance the Beauty of any Interior

Interior designers develop a strategic plan layout or design to modify the beauty of the whole interior.  They utilize the interaction with the environment and creativity. Our country India is full of traditions, which is reflected even through our homes. Interior designers are the ones who are experts in traditional and contemporary styles of modifying interiors. They beautify the over overall beauty of every Project handed to them with their designs and creativity, including Residential, Read more


Involvement Of Senses In Your Restaurant

Pooja Singh, Marketing Communication Manager, Hyatt, Gurgaon says “Involvement of senses is a part of life; it depends on how every individual likes to enjoy the need.”Taste:  Taste is the most obvious sense of a foodie anywhere in the world….Read more


Faarsi Restarutant

Mid Eastern Diner designed by Sanjiv Malhan …..Read more






Interior Designing – Meaning


Interior designer and their entrust!

Interior designer and their entrust!

A profession that helps people fulfill their dream of having a modern home with sublime interiors, a profession that will help you add a wow factor to your interiors.It helps to create warm, comfortable, and interesting home environments for other people who seek the help of an interior designer.Read more



Recycle for a brand new look

Follow your instincts and add more beauty and comfort to one’s interior decor with recycled stuff

What is the need to buy a new item while decorating your house when you can use a recycled item? Recycled items not only look antique, but are also pocket-friendly.Read more




Dish of the day: A design that feed


The design elements and concepts adapted are the central contributors to entice guests and retain their presence in years to come.Read more

By invite: Sanjiv Malhan 


Comfort, simplicity ruled design trend to hit restaurants in 2016


There is a conscious need of design detox from the past year and the focus is on being clutter free by simplifying the details enabling the designer to be creative and renewed.Read more


The Restaurant Business of Senses


by Restaurant India Restaurant Business Franchise

Chef Gautam Chaudhary, Executive Chef, Pink Poppadom, Hyatt, Bangalore, says “Food is an art and to praise any art you need to have your five senses open. Starting from the skin to touch and feel, eyes to see how it is presented, tongue to taste and nose for relishing the delicious smell coming from the food.”Read more


Food & Beverage business Review (December-January 2015)

According to sanjiv  Malhan, Principal Architect, Office For International Architecture,”A restaurant’s popularity is not only dependent on …..Read more






Designers take on restaurant design

A restaurant’s popularity does not just depend on the food served; it is the ambience that makes people love your restaurant. Talking about the importance of design in a restaurant, Mr. Sanjeev Malhan, Principal Designer, Office for International Architecture, says, “The consumers have become very trendy these days;….Read more

 How traditional design is being replaced by ‘Industrial Aesthetics’ in restaurants

The upscale restaurant designs emphasise on texture more than colour these days in interiors for their exposed brick walls.“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people”.Read more


The Silk Route opens in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj

Inspired by the Chinese gastronome this restaurant has a thoughtfully designed a-la-carte menu featuring an extensive variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian classics….Read more