About us

Sanjiv Malhan, an Australia-trained architect and principal

at Office For International Architecture (OFIA), is

passionately eloquent about his core beliefs and philosophy:

       “It is every architect’s bounden duty to take

to heart the potential that our profession offers.

And use every opportunity we get to explore this

unique intersection of spatial artistry, technology,

human civilization and above all, imagination.”

These are the keystone beliefs that inspire Mr Malhan

and his team to go out and create the spaces they do.

               “Mapping a client’s brief to a space

and then using the tools of my profession to

go out and exceed it, each and every time, is a

given. My challenge comes in trying to see how

I can help both client and the space to excite

and inspire each other and then get my team to

give shape to that new vision.”

Mr Malhan’s training and experience enable OFIA to

assemble an unmatched team of international and

local experts to deliver the most challenging tasks and


The Team

The OFIA team of experts comprises a fifty

people strong team of specialists from

different disciplines organized into two cells

headed by Naresh Monga and Pankaj Malik.

Naresh Monga heads the project delivery

division and is a hands-on implementer who

is able to meet the most exacting demands

in terms of production and delivery schedules.

Twenty-three years of experience in giving

shape to client demands enable to be almost

Zen-like calm while directing his team to

frenetic activity.

Pankaj Malik has more than thirty years

of experience in hospitality sector which is

his unique speciality. This offers him an

overall vision and perspective which all OFIA

turnkey projects developments benefit from.

International Alignments

Sanjiv Malhan’s long-enduring personal

association with top-notch Australian Architects

and their organizations, make it possible for

OFIA to be able to quickly draw on the best

international talent with ease. OFIA has

access to award winning boutique design

practices as well as practices listed on

Top 100 Architects in the World and Forbes

500 list of top companies of the world.

Office For International Architecture

(OFIA) is poised to be able to deliver

the best of local and international

experience and talent to make their

offering unique and inimitable for

clients wanting access to a range of

skills and a wide pool of knowledge

and expertise.

The Experts

Sanjiv Malhan works with various specialist

consultants including Structural Engineers,

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Audio

Video and Lighting specialists (AV), HVAC

planners, Landscape Designers, Kitchen

Designers and Hospitality Consultants,

Experienced Chefs and HR Consultants,

Graphic and Brand designers, Education

Consultants to provide complete planning,

designing, execution and operational assistance

to Hospitality and Education ventures.

Group Resources

Manish Malhan, Australia-trained interior

architect, is a concept and design resource whose

expertise the group draws on for a variety of

assignments and who also spearheads the division

that specializes in hospitality projects.

Rajiv Malhan, with over a decade long

experience in Real Estate, is the OFIA

maestro at sourcing development projects

and helping clients find the right fit

with the appropriate OFIA team.Together,

this team of experts is able to deliver on the

most challenging projects and meet the most

stringent client requirements of quality and

time schedules.